Hello friends, I am Nandita mod. Today I am here to represent my my food and fashion blog in front of you.

Cooking and fashion tips for you, This blog is all about today's fashion which is in Trend and  beautiful too.

Cooking  is not that tough because of these secrets which was given by my Nani and Dadi. So I want to share some secrets of cooking which was I learnt from super womens of my life, my mother, grandmother and nani.

Please visit to my site at once, you will definitely get so many surprises and exciting recipes from my blog.

You will also get some fashion tips from today's Trend and I am definitely sure you are not going to get disappointed.

Both Indian food and Hindustani clothes are famous all over the world. People from all over the world come here not only to roam in India but also to taste the taste that they do not get abroad, which is the most famous and favorite food of Rajasthan.

In the same way, Khandvi is the pride of Gujaratis, similarly different cuisines are eaten in different states of India and in the same cuisine. Today I will try to make you aware of all those recipes at home, which you will be able to enjoy by sitting at home through my blog.

Just as the food of India is famous, the beautiful clothes here are the dream of every girl, like Chaniya Choli, Banarasi Suit Dupatta, Bandhani such beautiful clothes will be seen only in India,

not only this, more You will get to know through my blog with such beautiful Hindustani clothing, can you think that the pride of India is its attire,

which Is only found in India, even those living abroad is also a fan of India's wardrobe, so through my blog you about those clothes to see share with, who would you like to wear them.